Wisconsin Union Boss, Bill Brockmiller, Busted In Prostitution Sting

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Brockmiller on left above

[Image credit: AFSCME Council 24's Photostream on Flickr]

Union dues aren't just for....

On the heels of the former U.S. Border Patrol union boss caught using union funds to pay for trips to his mistress, Media Trackers picked up a story about Western Wisconsin AFL-CIO boss, Bill Brockmiller, and four other would-be “Johns” who were arrested in a prostitution sting Monday night.

According to Brockmiller’s LinkedIn profile, the AFL-CIO boss is also employed as a labor market analyst for the La Crosse Job Center

The La Crosse Tribune provides these details:

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He's sorry, really. The failed Scott Walker recall election left him feeling screwed, so....

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