Awesome RNC Speeches: My Mom, the Ex-Democrat? (bumped)

How awesome was Ann Romney's speech last night? Awesome enough that my retired school teacher of a mom texted me saying that I should get my 13 year old daughter to watch it.

My mom is a Democrat. Or perhaps I should say was?

Growing up we talked about politics a lot. And by we, I mean my Dad and I. Not my mom. Never my mom.

My mom is the sort that avoids confrontation at all costs. So if ever my Dad and I had the slightest disagreement over something she would kindly excuse herself from the room.

She is completely apolitical. I have never heard her discuss politics. Ever.

Occasionally she would let out who she was going to vote for. Always a Democrat. Her choice of the Democratic candidate always seemed linked to her job as a public school teacher. Democrats promised more money, she voted for them.

But that is complete conjecture on my part. Like I said, she never talked politics.

For her to actually watch Ann Romney's speech last night is a surprise to me. But for her to actually want to talk about it? To get others to watch it?

I'm shocked. Totally shocked.

This does not bode well for Barack Obama. It seems that he has lost my mom. I'm betting there are a whole lot of people out there who are like my mom.

We have Ann Romney's full speech here at Blogs4Mitt. And Chris Christie's speech is here.

Take my mom's advice and watch them.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:28 AM


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