Is the White House Orchestrating Lies About Romney? I'd Bet On It

I find this all too coincidental.

First, the White House accuses Charles Krauthammer and, by extension Mitt Romney of being a liar. When caught, they double down and use the "fake but accurate" defense. But when that didn't pass the smell test the White House was forced to apologize.

Remember, the real attack here was not aimed at Krauthammer, it was squarely at Mitt who, while abroad, had brought up the Churchill statue.

So, the White House calls Mitt a "liar" when, in fact, it's the White House that lied.

Then, in two totally unrelated moves, Obama runs an ad which not-so-subtly intones that Romney is a felon. Followed up by a smear by Harry Reid that he "heard" from a Bain "investor" that Romney had evaded taxes.

Three stories, all accusing Romney of being a liar, a felon, and a tax cheat within three days and I'm supposed to believe that the White House isn't orchestrating this?? I'm supposed to believe that the fabrication that was the Churchill bust story was a ..... mistake?

Sorry, I ain't buying it.

In fact, if the journalist that was interviewing Harry Reid had any balls he'd have asked him if his "friend" that tipped him on Romney's fabricated malfeasance didn't work in the White House?

Because if I was a betting man, that's where my money would be.

Posted by: Rusty at 08:43 PM


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