Journo, Not Terrorists, Banned from Twitter


Howie gave us the meh on why journalist Gery Adams getting his Twitter account yanked is really nothing compared to what we on the right have experienced in social media. I had my Facebook account yanked, no media outrage there.

But to put this into even better perspective, consider the fact that several terrorist organizations have their own Twitter accounts.

For instance, the al Qaeda linked al Shabaab Tweets here and here and here. Notice that all the users identify themselves as belonging to or associated with the State Department designated terrorist organization, and that they do so in English. That last link being an official spokesperson for the terrorist group.

Or check out the Twitter page for Hamas' armed wing, the al-Qssam Brigades. They're not hiding who they are. The Twitter page tells us that it is, "The official web site of Al Qassam Brigades in Palestine."

The Taliban even have their own Twitter account. We're at war with the Taliban.

Not only is that really outrageous, it's also illegal.

So, this whole outrage by the media is simply naval gazing: media outrage because it affects .... the media. The same goes for the Romney "kiss my ass" outrage of the day. The "victim" here was a member of the .... media.

These people are the enemy of common sense.

UPDATE: It gets worse -- the guy's Twitter suspension was lifted. I don't mind that, not at all. But why was it lifted? After much outrage and "backlash".

When was the last time the media foamed at the mouth over something truly worth a bit of backlash?

I dunno, like maybe the fact that people who kill innocent civilians and American servicemen are on f*cking Twitter?!??!?!!!!!

Posted by: Rusty at 03:36 PM


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