Good News: Taliban Expect Windfall of Convoy Protection Money to Finance Afghan Jihad

That's not to mention the legitimate charge that Pakistan requires from each truck, some of which will go to their intelligence arm the ISI who will in turn use it to finance Jihad.

KANDAHAR, Afghanistan (AP) -- As the United States trumpeted its success in persuading Pakistan to end its seven-month blockade of supplies for NATO troops in Afghanistan, another group privately cheered its good fortune: the Taliban.

Pakistan reopened the supply route in early July after the U.S. apologized for the deaths of the soldiers.

"Stopping these supplies caused us real trouble," a Taliban commander who leads about 60 insurgents in eastern Ghazni province told The Associated Press in an interview. "Earnings dropped down pretty badly. Therefore the rebellion was not as strong as we had planned."

A second Taliban commander who controls several dozen fighters in southern Kandahar province said the money from security companies was a key source of financing for the insurgency, which uses it to pay fighters and buy weapons, ammunition and other supplies.

"We are able to make money in bundles," the commander told the AP by telephone. "Therefore, the NATO supply is very important for us."

Like I said, I'd truck the whole damned army up through Russia and Eastern Europe to whatever ports are available despite the cost. Because whatever that cost is it can't be more than the cost of trusting the Pakistanis.

Hat Tip: Cannoneer Number 4.

Posted by: Howie at 03:19 PM


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