First They Came For Politically Incorrect Bloggers

When anti-Jihad bloggers we're being flagged off Facebook no one said anything.

When right leaning bloggers were being selectively purged from ad services, no one said a word.

When bloggers who use pseudonyms (especially on the right) were being banned and purged from Facebook, Google Plus and Google's ad service, Nope nada not a word. Its good because people who use pseudonyms might "misbehave" they said.

So now I'm supposed to give a rat's ass that a gasp, real journalist named Guy Adams, has been banned from Twitter by powerful interests at NBC over criticism of the Olympics?

What a whiny bitch! Put on your digital big girl panties like the rest of us and deal with it.

Update: Adams' suspension has been lifted.

Posted by: Howie at 01:56 PM


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