UN Arms Treaty Fails!

There was great gnashing of teeth among the "world powers" who sought to usurp our second amendment by way of treaty.


The UN Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty has failed to approve the world’s first binding document on trade in conventional arms. Its organizers blame the United States and Russia. Washington demanded that the new treaty must not limit Americans’ right to bear arms, while Moscow was displeased with the ban on selling arms to troubled regimes.

The four-week conference began in New York in early July. Its organizers eventually said the signing would have to be postponed for an indefinite period. Argentine Ambassador Roberto Garcia Moritan, who chaired the conference, said they knew that “this was going to be difficult to achieve” but still hoped for a treaty.

This is great news. Although look for a second and thrid attempt to be undertaken when its felt if can slip without your noticing.

It speaks to the importance of this year's elections in the Senate. A body which will have to approve this by a 2/3 majority if it is ever passed. Although DICK Durbin told me not to worry about it because it can not be enforced until the senate acts. Which is not entirely true. The US would be expected to act in good faith once agreeing to the treaty until the senate voted.

One can't imagine the Obama administration not signing this agreement if there has not been the public outcry and activism. I think Dick Morris, not your average right wing extremist, deserves a lot of credit for getting the word out and helping us all put pressure on the Obama administration. As close as the election is Obama knew it was a loser if he'd signed it.

Lets make sure it never comes up again, if Obama were to win reelection and never have to answer to the public for singing this treaty. He'd do it in a heartbeat.

Hat Tip: Ken.

Posted by: Howie at 07:31 AM


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