Obama: Thanks to Roads, Not Hard Work and Second Mortgage on My House, My Wife's Business Is Succeeding.

My wife is about to move her business out of the house and into a stand alone property that we’re buying. While I appreciate all of you for paying your taxes so that we can share the road with you, we also paid those same taxes. It wasn’t the road that built my wife’s business. It was her hard work.

And the second mortgage we took out on our house in order to make the dream come true. Whether her business fails or succeeds the roads will still be there. If it fails, we lose our house. That’s called risk. We’re the ones taking it. But if it succeeds? Then we profit from it. That’s called reward.

We’re the ones taking the risk. We’re the ones that will reap the reward.

It’s a fundamental American value and something the current occupant of the White House doesn’t understand.

Oh, and she's already hired one employee and is about to hire two more. She's a job creator.

But guess what? She's not hiring the employees because she wants to create jobs. She's hiring people because we want to make more money, and the employees are a means to that ends.

Businesses don't get started or expand to create jobs. If you think that, you're an idiot.

Businesses get started to make money. If that makes you unhappy, grow up.

What got me thinking about this are the fact that I just signed the refinance papers and these two excellent Romney videos I've posted up at Blogs4Mitt. If you haven't seen them, take the two minutes and watch them both. If you have, be sure to send them to any and all of your Obama supporting friends or any independents or undecideds.

Go on. Do it now!

This election is critical.

And if your Obama friends reply with, "But Mitt Romney outsourced jobs to China!". Tell them to grow up. On net, it's not true. But even if it was so what? Bain Capital was started to make money, not to create jobs. That's the way things work in the real world.

Posted by: Rusty at 12:43 PM


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