Hijab Issue at the London Olympics

We all know how this will end[h/t @ShirazMaher]

LONDON ó Talks were under way Friday to allow a woman judo athlete to compete for Saudi Arabia at the Olympics after the sportís governing federation said she would not be allowed to wear a headscarf.

Saudi Arabia, which sent its first two female Olympians to the London Games, had only agreed to let women participate if they adhered to the kingdomís conservative Islamic traditions, including wearing a headscarf.

But on Thursday, the International Judo Federation said the Saudi fighter, Wojdan Ali Seraj Abdulrahim Shahrkhani, would not be allowed to wear a headscarf because it was against principles of judo and raised safety concerns. She may also be the first judoka to fight at the Olympics who does not hold a black belt in judo, a Japanese martial art.

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She will most likely be allowed to wear it, be strangled during the competition and her family will sue the IOC.

At least that's what I think will happen.

Anti-Semitic dhimmis at the IOC have caved to Lebanon's Judo team and erected a barrier between them and the Israeli Judo team

After an outcry from Muslim nations, the anti-Semitic dhimmis at the IOC refused to do, during opening ceremonies, a "moment of silence" in memory of the Israeli athletes who were murdered by Pali terrorists at the 1972 Munich Olympics

Yes, she will be allowed to wear her "head covering"...


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