Among the Female Fighters in Kurdistan

I had high hopes for this 3 part Vice series on female fighters in Kurdistan. It turns out, I wasn't let down. It was entertaining. But not for the reason I expected.

Go watch the video. It's almost comedy. Not so much the female soldiers, as the pencil necked emo guy they sent to do the story.

Imagine a guy who is the spitting image of Rahel Maddow showing up to interview a bunch of left wing guerrillas wearing brightly colored Izod polos and jeans rolled up just enough to reveal designer boots. The tone of the video though doesn't seem to indicate that the narrator is really the brunt of the joke.

I guess this guy seems pretty normal in New York. In Kurdistan, not so much.

So, think of this as kind of a reverse Crocodile Dundee. Which I think is the plot of Crocodile Dundee II. Only instead of the Australian outback, you get the mountains of Kurdistan. And instead of that hot blonde chick, a gay guy that looks like Rachel Maddow.

Yeah, I know the description isn't really the video's selling point. But there's comedic value. And along the way you might learn a thing or two about the various armed Kurdish groups in Northern Iraq.

I'll also use this as a reminder that Kurdistan ought to be an independent sovereign country. These people love us, and I think they would be a much better partner in the region than the current Iraq regime. Certainly more so than the Turks.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:40 PM


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