Sandcrawler PSA: Discussion of Anglo-Saxon Heritage Offensive

The Romney campaign has denied any discussion of Romney's pasty white English heritage while in England.

I'm really not sure why. Discussion of any other heritage is not offensive. I never really got why the Kenyan official was canned for talking about Obama's Kenyan heritage? Various communities talk about their heritage all the time and its not offensive.

But as the nation's first black president, Obama's connection to the African-American community remains special. Obama has an 87 percent ..
So what's offensive about that? I mean Obama and a lot of people in America have a shared African heritage, culture and traditions that are distinct from others. Another word for distinct... special.

Distinct from say American Indian culture, of Italian, Spanish, Arab, Irish, Polynesian, Korean, Chinese culture. The list goes on and on. And its all generally considered positive, no?

But Anglo-Saxon culture and heritage, now that's effing offensive doubleclutch. I can't explain it, it just is. So don't talk about it. Unless you're Irish, the Irish are exempt because they are alcohol challenged.

Next up, discussion of any Welsh heritage.

Posted by: Howie at 07:37 AM


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