What The Press Isn't Saying About Threats Against Huma Abedin

Huma Abedin is the wife of Anthony Wiener of Weinergate infamy.

There's a lot of chatter about a NJ Muslim questioned in threats made against Huma as well as a lot of chatter about her possible connections to members of the anti Semitic Muslim Sisterhood. But very little about the nature of the threats against Huma.

While Anthony Wiener pretty much cold busted himself behaving badly, its good to see they have been able to repair things for the most part. Huma recently gave birth to their first child. Hopefully Mr. Wiener will find in that a reason to grow up.

I digress, on to the matter of the threats against Huma. While I've been unable to locate the threat and the origin and the individual are unknown, listed as generic Muslim from NJ the most popular complaint against Huma from Muslims on Islamic forums is the fact that she is married to a Jew.

Really disappointed, she claims she is a practicing Muslim but is married to a pathetic scum Yehudi..

...she is practising muslim and married a pervert jew????

She is a disgrace... ...has married a scum Yehudi man.

disgusting ... and Now "they are expecting their first child"

There's even a Imam issued Fatwa against her marriage to a Jew instead of a proper Pakistani Muslim.

More examples here.

While I find Michelle Bachmann's opinion that since Huma's parents were close the brotherhood then she is automatically suspect ignorant and far fetched. Even more far fetched is that Bachmann's statement had anything to do with Islamist threats against Huma. That's just the narrative the MSM wants to feed the ignorant for obvious political reasons.

Islamists hated Huma for marrying a Jew before Michelle Bachmann mentioned her and they'll continue to hate Huma for the same reason long after Bachmann's comments are forgotten.

Update: American Thinker:

Huma Abedin's public violation of such an authoritative, mainstream Islamic "edict" -- issued specifically for the guidance of North American Muslims -- would seem to merit investigation by serious journalists seeking a rationale for the threat against her by a Muslim male.

Posted by: Howie at 11:11 AM


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