Retarded Quote of the Day by Jan Schakowski

There is so much deceptive about Democrat Jan Schakowski's BS comments on the Aurora Shooting.

But can you just imagine if those who were holding guns legally in that theater stood up...
Jan there was no one legally armed in the theater. While Colorado has a concealed carry law, the theater banned weapons from its premises. Concealed carry in a place of business that bans it is unlawful. So your contention that there were people legally holding weapons in the theater is false.
and started shooting at this shooter and we would have had a real shoot-out at the neighborhood theater..
So the only thing worse than an unarmed group of defenseless people being slaughtered would be a smattering of armed people with the ability to return fire to slow down or even stop the Aurora shooter. My God what if Mr. Holmes would have been killed or something?

So well at least we know who's side Ms. Schakowski's on. The murderer's side.

Posted by: Howie at 08:27 AM


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