Video: It's Pretty Easy for a Terrorist to Get a Fake Pakistani Passport

One official quoted in the story calls it, "An open door to al Qaeda." You really need to watch the video to see how unbelievably easy it is for a terrorist to get a passport in Pakistan.

And to put this into perspective: 150,000 Pakistani rupees is slightly less than $1,600 US pesos.

I don't know if that's just the politician's cut of it, the cost of the fake Olympic visa, or the package deal for the whole scam, but even if that figure represents only 1/3 of the cost then you're only talking a measly $5000 or so for a member of one of Pakistan's numerous jihadi groups to get a free pass to travel the globe.

If I was Ace-of-Spades, I'd say the sh*t just got real. But I'm not and I'm not that witty. Instead I'll just leave it at we're boned. Big time.

The most important post-9/11 security program for keeping bad guys out of the country is the no-fly list. But the basic point of information on that list is the name of the passenger coming into the country. Alter that name on a passport -- and remember, these aren't fake passports, these are real passports with a fake name on them -- and we're uber boned.

This should also remind us that much of the tenuous relationship that exists between the US and our "allies" in Pakistan has to do with the failed state nature of that country. Pakistan is not now nor has ever been a modern nation state in any sense of the term. This starts with the fact that they do not control much of the territory that they claim is under their sovereignty, but stretches right into the fact that their so-called "government" is run by people with as much credibility as Nigerian e-mail scanners.

Think about that. Our national security is tied to Pakistanis not turning a blind eye to people who would do us harm.


Posted by: Rusty at 02:16 PM


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