Bulgarian authorities release artistís sketch of man said to have helped Burgas terrorist

bulgarian terrorist helper.jpg

Via The Times of Israel

[B]ulgarian authorities on Friday released an artistís sketch of a man believed to have helped the bomber who blew up a bus full of Israeli tourists in Burgas on Wednesday, killing five Israelis and the Bulgarian bus driver.

Bulgarian officials have been quoted in the past two days as saying the suicide bomber was not Bulgarian, but had some local assistance.[...]

According to one eyewitness report, the man [bomber..ed] got talking to a group of tourists from Holland, and told them that his mother was Dutch and his father was Iranian.

Attacker had short hair, not long
Bulgarian prosecutors said the attacker had short hair, not the long hair seen in the security video footage captured of him at the airport. A witness said he appeared to be wearing a wig[...]

Afrodita Petrova, the owner of the car rental company, told Bulgarian National TV that the suspect had short dark hair when visiting the office. She said he was the same person from the video camera footage and appeared to be wearing a wig.

ďHe spoke English with an Arab accent,Ē she said.

Bomber spoke "English with Arab accent" and "mother Dutch and father Iranian".

Also, (h/t @webradius), the image above is supposedly an "American" that goes by the name of David Jepson. Another fake ID holder like the bomber?


Release: Bulgarian police director in the last hours hunting for another suspect, who seemed Assistant of the terrorist who carried out the attack Burgas, which killed five Israelis and a Bulgarian citizen and injuring dozens. Security forces suspect that the Assistant, David Jepson, an American citizen, holds possession of another bomb.


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