Report: Bulgaria Bus Bombing: Suicide Bomber a 'Caucasian with Michigan License' (Updated/Bumped: Bomber NOT Identified as Mehdi Ghezali)

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Fake ID's?

The suspected suicide bomber who killed seven people in a blast that ripped apart a bus full of Israeli tourists was carrying a Michigan drivers licence, according to AP.

Authorities are investigating the identity of the bomber who struck at Sarafovo international airport in the resort city of Burgas, around 250 miles east of the capital, Sofia.

The Sofia News Agency said, however, that the bomber was carrying a US passport, identifying him as a Michigan resident, which is believed to be fake.

Initial reports suggested that the explosion was caused by a bomb placed in the luggage compartment of the bus. INvestigations carried out by Bulgarian authorities in conjunction with the FBI, CIA and Israeli authorities now points to a suicide bomber described as a caucasian man with long hair and sports attire, according to the report.

Bulgaria's interior minister, Tsvetan Tsvetanov told the Associated Press that the suspected bomber appeared on security tape for almost an hour before the attack, which injured dozens and claimed eight lives including the bomber's.

Update by SH: Hmmm, back to suicide bomber now? Makes more sense as a witness who was injured stated as soon as "a" person entered the bus the explosion happened.

Michigan license? I wonder about this: Hezbollah Operatives in the Bay Area and this: Hezbollah TV in Bay Area.

Just a thought. Update

A check by the F.B.I. showed that the suicide bomber was carrying a fake U.S. passport as well as a fake driver’s license of a person that doesn’t exist. The attack was carried out at the Bourgas airport shortly after the tourists had boarded their bus at the airport.
Ignore my "just a thought" in this case, but...Hezbollah is alive and well in the US

Update by SH: Image of perp:

bulgaria bombing_bomber.jpg

Wearing a wig?

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Update by Howie: The bomber is identified as Mehdi Ghezali.

Ghezali was detained in Guantánamo Bay military prison between January 2002 and July 2004 after being captured in the Tora Bora mountains in Pakistan close to the border with Afghanistan where a US bombing campaign was carried out in order to capture AL Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden. Ghezali was released from Guantánamo without any charge and on his return to Sweden spoke of his experiences of torture during his detainment.
Hat Tip: Webradius.

More on Mehdi Ghezali long history as a Jihadi here.

He studied in UK under Omar Bakri Muhammad, he was captured in by the Pakistanis as well.

On 10 September 2009, the Swedish television programme Rapport reported that Ghezali was among a group of twelve foreign citizens who had been arrested one week earlier in the Dera Ghazi Khan District in Punjab, Pakistan, on suspicions of having ties to al-Qaeda. Pakistani security officials reported the 12 men were captured on 28 August 2009. Among the twelve arrested men, three (including Ghezali) were Swedish, seven were Turkish, one was Russian and another one was an Iranian citizen. According to the Pakistani police chief Mohammad Rizwan, the individuals were arrested when they were trying to sneak into the Punjab province through a checkpoint.

According to Rizwan, the police had found CDs, exchange money and literature which all indicated links to terrorist activity. Following their arrest, Ghezali and the two other Swedish citizens were moved to Islamabad.Rizwan described Ghezali as "a very dangerous man".

...The Swedes were released on 10 October 2009. They were placed on a plane to Sweden at 800 GMT. Rehman Malik Pakistan’s Minister of the Interior had told Swedish diplomats on 6 October 2009 that he would be receiving a formal report on the Swedes on 7 October 2009, and that he would make a decision about their continued detention at that point. Swedish paper The Local reported one additional anonymous allegation, that the group "were found in a prohibited area near a nuclear power facility."

For his part Ghazali always claimed to be innocent and mistreated by officials from all the states involved and that claims of his Jihadism were based on Islamophobia
His lawyers expressed concern that Swedish intelligence officials continued to keep Ghezali under surveillance. They expressed concern that the press speculation that his travel to Pakistan had been inspired by support for jihadism was unfair and unsupported by any evidence.
Uh yeah.

Update II: I'm getting reports that Bulgaria is denying it was Ghezali. Will update if it becomes clear that is the case.

Update III: Sweden too denies the bomber was Ghazali. Reports are that Facebook users noted the similarity in appearance between this tape of the bomber and previous images of Ghazali. The story spread from there.

Here is an image of the fake ID of the bomber that shows he's clearly not Ghazali.


Although the Bulgarian Media reported...

Bulgarian media quoted the country's interior minister as saying that the man who was responsible for the attack in a Burgas airport, which killed five and wounded 34 Israelis, is Ghezali, who is a 33-year-old Swedish citizen of Algerian descent.
Also of interest is the fake Michigan ID shows a Louisiana address.

Clear as mud. Thanks Again to Aaron and Intelwire.

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