Is Brett Kimberlin No. 3?

Metaphorically, I mean.

Hmmm, has Aaron Walker (aka Worthing) clipped the lawfare wings of the bigot/racist, convicted dope dealer/perjurer/Speedway Bomber/domestic terrorist turned left wing political activist/serial litigant Brett Kimberlin?

If I'm not mistaken, well, read the link below:


Aaron reminds everyone do not contact, harass, email, etc Team Kimberlin, or their families, etc. The screencaps, emails, etc will be used for more lawfare. Besides, why turn yourself into those that disgust you as much as this group does They don't deserve to be threatened either is what I am getting at. First Amendment rights are for all citizens of this beautiful country, and eventually Team Kimberlin will understand that...eventually.[ Even their "apparent" astroturfed comments have failed.]

By posting about "Team Kimberlin" I am not threatening anyone, just linking to the facts. I wasn't asked to post this by Walker nor has anyone else "asked me" to post anything about "Team Kimberlin.

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but gag order remains

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Who is Brett Kimberlin?

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