Bulgaria: Possible 3 7 Dead in Suicide Bomber Attack Israeli Tour Bus (Updated)

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Smoke rises from airport terminal in Burgas, Bulgaria, after suicide bombing of bus carrying Israeli tourists. (Israel Channel 2)

[Image credit: FOXNews]

07/19/2012 update here. It was a suicide bomber and not a bomb in the luggage hold that killed 5 Israelis, 1 Bulgarian (the bus driver) and a unknown, as yet, suicide bomber. The terrorist had a fake Michigan drivers license and passport.



Arutz Sheva

An explosion on a bus transporting Israeli tourists at the airport near the city of Burgas in Bulgaria has left at least three Israelis dead. Some reports say there are five dead.

The Foreign Ministry has announced that it is sending personnel to the site.

Voice of Israel Radio said that 25 people are wounded. It said that a suicide bomber boarded the bus before the explosion occurred, but other reports said the explosion came from the bus's luggage hold.

Update: Via JPost
Three Israelis[updated to 7...ed] were killed and many injured when a suicide bomber blew up an Israeli tourist bus at the airport of the Bulgarian city of Burgas on Wednesday, the 18th anniversary of the Iran-sponsored attack on the AMIA Jewish center in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

The bus was carrying Israeli tourists who landed in Bulgaria at a 4:45 p.m, and was meant to take them to Bulgaria's Sunny Beach resort. Two adjacent buses were also damaged in the blast.

Foreign Minister Avigdor Liberman spoke with his Bulgarian counterpart Nikolay Mladenov in relation to the explosion.

Mladenov is heading to the site of the blast and said that he will bring Liberman up to date when he arrives.

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by this senseless killing of innocents.

Update by Howie :Bulgarian Press reports.

Panic is rampant because the parking lot full of cars, taxis and tourists, transmit agencies. "Everywhere there are body parts, is staggering," said a witness of what happened to the site Burgas24. According to BNT blast happened on Bourgas Airport shortly after 17:30. The group has included a total of 40 Israeli travelers who had arrived for the 8-day summer vacation in Bulgaria. They had to stay at the "Chrysanthemum" in Sunny Beach. More than 20 people were admitted to hospital in Burgas, and four are in critical condition,
There has been no claim on the bombing but the date of the attack is significant and suggests Iran.

Update by SH: At least 7 were killed and 27 wounded per FOXNews via The Right Scoop

PM Netanyahu "All signs point to Iran"

Update by SH: Via Haaretz

8:24 P.M.: Several internet sites in Bulgaria reports that government authorities ignored warnings and alerts by Israeli and Russian sources over a possible attack

8:15 P.M.: Burgus Mayor Dimitar Nikolov tells Bulgarian media that 33 Israeli tourists have been hospitalized, and nine other Israelis are still missing.

8:03 P.M.: Bulgarian media reports that one of those killed is a local tour guide

8:00 P.M.: Michal, the mother of Ron Parhan who flew to Bulgaria on Wednesday, said that her daughter called her in panic, and said that someone blew himself up on the bus. “She sustained cuts and was bleeding, they removed her through the window of the bus. She was hysterical, and is there without a cell phone, so she could not say much” (Revital Hovel).

7:52 P.M.: Bulgarian news agency reports 30 wounded in the attack, four of which are in serious condition[...]

7:50 P.M.: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu: "Iran is responsible for the terror attack in Bulgaria, we will have a strong response against Iranian terror."

Update: Initial reports stated suicide bombing but apparently a bomb was placed in the luggage hold of the bus
Initial reports claimed a suicide bomber carried out the attack, but later reports indicated that a bomb was placed in the bus’s luggage hold.

The victims are believed to have arrived on a charter flight from Tel Aviv that landed at 4:50 p.m. local time. Bulgarian TV reports that an anonymous caller to a tourist office said Israelis would be “welcomed by two bombs.

Update by SH:

Via Times of Israel[who have been liveblogging]

Of those injured in the blast, 10 are said to be undergoing surgery in Bulgaria at present. Another 20 are less badly hurt, and the plan is for them to be flown home from early tomorrow for treatment[...]

Latest info: There were 47 people on the bus, most of them young, heading for the Sunny Beach resort. Along with the seven dead, three more people are in life-threatening condition, and another 30-plus are injured.

Update: 5 Israelis were killed, the other two were apparently the tour guide and the bus driver who were from Bulgaria.

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