Jihadists in Germany Pose Terrorist Threat to America and its Allies, says New TRAC Analysis

Like we didn't know already, but, this is a good read.

Via PRWeb

Although the current hotbed of militant Islam is generally thought to be concentrated in Yemen and Somalia, some of the most dangerous leaders and terrorist cells directed at the “far enemy” (U.S. and its European allies) are in Germany. That’s the assertion of a new analysis of the extreme branch of Islam known as Salafism that has been added to the Publishing Center in Terrorism Research & Analysis Consortium (TRAC), an online resource center for the study of terrorism and political violence. The analysis reveals how Germany’s Salafist groups are deeply connected to the most prominent jihadist leaders and are the perpetrators of homegrown, sophisticated plots and attacks against U.S. and European targets.

“Germany has seen a growing number of radicalized German Muslims and recent converts willing to take up arms,” said Maha Hamdan, author of the analysis and a noted researcher on Salafism and jihad. “Those Jihadists are overwhelmingly not foreign born immigrants. Many are natural born Germans who have converted from a Western religion to Islam. What is unique about these German-born converts to Islam is their attraction to militancy.”

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While reading the article I thought of this from May: German Police Suspend Officer Over Islamists (Salafists) Links.
......Questioned about his activities, Ali K. had said Muslims must put their religious beliefs before loyalty to German laws and institutions, Lindemann said, triggering concern in the police about how reliable he was as an officer.
The video below shows the same Salafist group the officer has links to. Note the al-Qaeda flags they have at app 1:04:

In the PRWeb article it was noted:

Hamdan examines the background and influence of German clerics who have established ties with the Taliban, al Qaeda and its highest-ranking leaders
Be sure and read it all.

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