Oregon County Extorts Taxpayers By Releasing Accused Murderers

Like they couldn't trim down the welfare budget by making a few able-bodies go to work...

From FNC:

A $100 million budget deficit in Oregon's Lane County has prompted the sheriff to release nearly 100 detainees and inmates from his jail, including several accused of killing people. Ninety-two prisoners were freed over three days this month as the jail closed a whole wing of its 507-bed facility.

“It was horrifying,” says Lane County Sheriff Tom Turner. “All the effort to get those people into the jail is now gone, wasted.”

I understand the U.S. Forest Service regulations, under Clinton's Administration, severely limited the lumber industry. And I can really understand releasing non-violent offenders during difficult financial times, but to release accused murderers waiting for trial? A 507 bed facility couldn't accommodate a few murderers? This is nothing short of extortion.

Posted by: DMartyr at 12:45 PM


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