Egyptians Greet Hillary's Motorcade Yelling "Monica Monica Monica" While Throwing Tomatoes and Shoes

Who knew Egyptians were interested in Bill, I didn't have sex with that woman, Clinton's stained blue dress?

Protesters threw tomatoes and shoes at U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s motorcade on Sunday during her first visit to Egypt since the election of Islamist President Mohamed Mursi[...]

Protesters chanted: “Monica, Monica”, a reference to Former President Bill Clinton’s extra-marital affair. Some chanted: “leave, Clinton”, Egyptian security officials said.

It was not clear who the protesters were or what political affiliations they had[????..ed]Protesters outside Clinton’s hotel on Saturday night chanted anti-Islamist slogans, accusing the United States of backing the Muslim Brotherhood’s rise to power.

Frankly, their "disgust" was misplaced. Bill Clinton deserves their scorn, not Hillary. As to the "anti-Islamist slogans" Reuters chose to include in their reporting would lead one to believe anti-Muslim Brotherhood people were the ones shouting Monica and throwing shoes and tomatoes.

So, why did Reuters feel the need to add the anti-Islamist protest? Well, maybe because Egypt's Orthodox, Evangelical church leaders refused to meet with Hillary because, they felt, the US was supporting Ikhwan (Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood) from day one.

Representatives of Egypt's Orthodox and Evangelical churches on Sunday morning declined invitations to meet with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to protest perceived US interference in Egypt's internal affairs.

Bishop Marcus of the Coptic Orthodox Church told Ahram Online that the clergymen's refusal to attend the meeting with Clinton was intended to voice "our rejection of US intervention in Egypt's domestic affairs and the Americans' strategy of favouring certain Egyptian political currents over others."

Safwat El-Beyadi, head of Egypt's Evangelical Church, likewise refused to meet with Clinton, as did the leaders of other churches

Why should they feel that way? Could it be because Obama bypassed Congress and gave Ikhwan our hard earned tax monies? Or that, here in the US, Obama has his very own Shariah Czar who is connected to the Muslim Brotherhood?

Nothing to see here because the chants "Monica Monica Monica" and shoes, tomato throwing involved a democrat.

Remember GW in Iraq? Like 24/7?

Remember Christians in Iraq? No?

Who, exactly, are the bad guyz in Reuters reporting? The Muslim Brotherhood or the Christians? Has Reuters ever enhanced & photo shopped images, ever?

Nothing to see here, move along.


Posted by: Stable Hand at 10:51 AM


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