I Don't Blog Much, But When I Do, It's About Retarded Shit Like This

Could this story show any more how obvious the disconnect between the media and the real world is?

Traffic lights are looked at as the signal to stop or go on the streets, but the Omaha City Council will be looking at them on Tuesday; it's a proposal that could save taxpayers money.

Yay! LED traffic lights will save taxpayers money! How will the taxpayers of this city save money? Let's see!

The lights will cost around $1 million. Festersen says the funding would be mainly federal, with a small local match.

WOOHOO!!!! Oh, wait. You mean that federal funding means TAXPAYERS are paying for this, with a small local match from TAXPAYERS?

How is this saving taxpayer money, then?

More of this rant below the fold

Posted by: Vinnie at 11:19 PM


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