PC Killed Shafilea Ahmed?

So, the victim of an honor killing -- Shafilea Ahmed -- begged the local government to give her a place to stay because her mom and dad were teaming up on her to teach her a lesson on what it means to be a good Pakistani girl. The article uses her pleas as evidence that her parents had a track record of beating her.

But it seems to miss the point, doesn't it? Isn't the real story hear that the town council either said no or drug its feet in helping this girl out? If she was in need of emergency housing, shouldn't she have gotten it, you know, quick like?

So, why didn't they give it to her? My immediate reaction for government do-gooder types is to question whether or not they ever heard of anything like honor killings back in 2002? That they had only heard positive things through government endorsed brain washing diversity training about people from other countries and cultures and how wonderful their lives were before the imperialist white man ruined it all so they just couldn't believe her story.

The other question I have is whether or not they have battered women's shelters in the UK and if emergency housing wasn't available right away shouldn't she have been directed to a local shelter? Women's shelters are ubiquitous here in the US, which is why you can find one even in the bass ackward one light town I live in.

India Daily News:

Shafilea Ahmed was desperately trying to find emergency housing away from her parents just days before being flown to Pakistan, a court heard yesterday.

In her application to Warrington Borough Council the 17-year-old said she wanted to leave home because she was being “forced” into an arranged marriage.

Shafilea, whom the prosecution alleges is the victim of a so-called honour killing, went on to claim she had been the victim of “regular incidents of violence” from the age of 15 or 16.

“One parent would hold me while the other would hit me,” she wrote

Thanks to Bruce

Posted by: Rusty at 09:47 PM


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