Taliban Open Wounds of Injured Warriors

Yes, I'm still on vacation. I know, it's a tough life being in academia but what are you gonna do?

Anyway, I have a few minutes free and Debbie from Right Truth sent me this article in the Pakistani Daily Times. The author was watching a Taliban propaganda video. Apparently she had become numb to the images of beheaded civilians and attacks on NATO bases. Having spent hundreds of hours watching the same videos, I get that.

No, what really bothered her were images of wounded warriors here in the US being used by the Taliban for their own propaganda. And you know what, she's right. First, they try to kill these young men. And when they fail at that, they use them in other ways. It's one thing to suffer injury in the service of your country, it's quite another when those wounds are used by your enemies for their own purposes.

If the powers-that-be won't take action against enemy propagandists for the million reasons I've given in the past, won't they at least take action to protect the identities and integrity of those who have already given so much?

Posted by: Rusty at 01:52 PM


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