'Ancient Creature' Washes Up On Kuwaiti Beach

From The Arab Times:

Man from 'yore' shocks people: Some people relaxing inside their chalets at Subiyya were frightened by the presence of a person with long hair, as he reportedly emerged from the water naked, murmuring and singing in a language they could not comprehend while dancing, reports Al-Watan Arabic daily.

Out of the belief that the man could be an 'ancient creature', they called the police, as others took pictures of him.

Upon arrival, police arrested and detained the man at the area police station. Preliminary investigation revealed that the man comes from an Asian country. A case has since been registered for thorough investigation.

Below the fold, more amusing crime reports from Kuwait.

‘Strange incident’: In a very strange incident a Kuwaiti academician who is known for his radical views allegedly locked himself in the outer bathroom of the US Embassy in an attempt to put pressure on the embassy staff to allow him to meet the Ambassador, reports Al-Anba daily.

A security source said a police force headed by Director of Hawalli Security Directorate Brigadier Ghloum rushed to the spot and it took more than an hour to convince the academician to leave. He was then referred to the State Security police for interrogation.

The daily gave no other details.

Police also stated they think the jinn may be responsible for the man's strange behavior. In America, we call them "#Occupiers."

Sheikha Furaiha lamented that cases related to sexual solicitation, assault and rape are increasing to such an extent that it will lead to a morality crisis for the future generations if appropriate measures are not taken to prevent or curb this phenomenon. [...]

She insisted on implementation of background check on expatriate workers who enter the country without a good conduct certificate, adding that the violations could be from labor offices that are importing laborers from other countries without checking the background.

Yes, they should instead be doing good, moral, Islamic things, like beheading infidels, hanging gays, and flogging unveiled women...

Lover ‘faints’ as Husband home early finds his wife in strangers arms: An Arab man who returned home unexpectedly was shocked on seeing his wife in the arms of her lover. Irate, he threatened both of them with a knife and sources say the lover got so scared that he fainted, reports Al-Rai daily.

The husband then called the Operations Room following which police and paramedics rushed the lover to Mubarak Al-Kabeer Hospital.

The wife denied any wrongdoing and claimed that somebody knocked at the door and she opened, thinking it must be a vendor and added that the man attempted to rape her. All three of them were referred to public prosecution.

The old 'playing possum' trick!

Raids net over 100 Males, females, gays ‘fun-seekers’: About 130 male and female youths and 40 drunken people were arrested and 14 others referred for deportation during a security campaign officers from the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) organized, under the supervision of Assistant Undersecretary for Security Affairs Major General Sheikh Ahmad Al-Khalifa.

Security sources confirmed the weekend raid across the country was based on the instructions of Sheikh Al-Khalifa.

Among the 130 people arrested in suspicious apartments were 65 females, 78 males, 4 gays and 2 transvestites.

Add a few midgets, and that's a party!

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