Obama Administration Sucks Terrorist Ass in Return For Pakistani Help

You know I don't really get why the Haqqani network would not be covered by previous UN and US declarations of the Taliban as foreign terrorist organization?

But then again the Obama administration has not really enforced the designations against the Taliban, even going so far as to approve a Taliban embassy in Qatar.

And last September, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said U.S. officials were "in the final formal review" for designating the entire Haqqani network as a terrorist organization. So what is taking so long?

In a word: Pakistan.

"If you designate the Haqqani network an FTO, then there would be significant pressure placed on the United States and the international community to designate Pakistan a state sponsor of terrorism," Rick "Ozzie" Nelson of the Center for Strategic and International Studies told Security Clearance. "It would be hard to avoid going down that road."

But Pakistan is a state sponsor of terrorism, both domestically and outside Pakistan. Has been for many years. Islamists everywhere cite Pakistian's nuclear arms as a critical deterrent in providing a base of operations for the Islamization of THE WORLD!

I'd rather drive half the army across Russia and Europe than see America suck off Pakistan for a route to the sea. But Obama seems OK with it.

What a effing pussy or an Islamist... you decide.

Posted by: Howie at 02:25 PM


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