Millions Thousands Hundreds Tens Of Muslims Protest Abuse Of Women In Afghanistan

Talk about a "tiny minority"! I guess 50 out of 1.2 billion is better than none...

From FNC:

Dozens of men and women took to the streets of Kabul on Wednesday to protest the recent public slaying of an Afghan woman accused of adultery whose gruesome, execution-style killing was captured on video. [...]

The crowd of about 50 demonstrators carried large white sheets that said "International community: Where is the protection and justice for Afghan women?" They marched from the Afghan Ministry of Women's Affairs to a traffic circle near a U.N. compound, and some shouted: "Death to those who did this act!"

In case you're wondering, 50 out of 1.2 billion is 0.00000416%. Meanwhile, in polls, 13% of Western Muslims support terrorism, at least some of the time, to protect Islam's reputation. That percentage sky-rockets to as much as 78% in Islamic countries. As for Sharia Law - the very rule that legalizes abusing, subjugating, and killing women - polls have shown the percentages vary from 40% in Western societies to as much as 82% in Islamic countries.

Isn't it ironic that regions with the religion that claims to be the most peaceful, the most tolerant, and the most respectful of women are the most dangerous places for a woman to live? And yet feminist groups like Code Pink and N.O.W. only protest abuses in Western civilizations.

Posted by: DMartyr at 12:48 PM


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