Good News! Iran Elected to Top U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Post

Via UN Watch

GENEVA, July 8 - Iran was elected to a top post on the UN Arms Trade Treaty conference, revealed UN Watch today in an exclusive report. The Geneva-based human rights group is calling on UN chief Ban Ki-moon, who addressed the conference on the same day, to condemn the selection of the Tehran regime.

Although the U.N. conference website and summary fail to name the 15 members elected to the bureau on July 3rd, UN Watch has discovered that the countries elected to the five regional groups include Iran, Japan, and South Korea for the Asian group; Kenya, Egypt and Nigeria for Africa; Azerbaijan, Belarus, and Ukraine for Eastern Europe; Australia, Netherlands and Switzerland for the Western Europe & Others Group; and Mexico and two others for Latin America. ( See U.N. webcast here, announcing election of Iran at minute 4:45.)

The United Nations Conference on the Arms Trade Treaty, which opened last week and runs until July 27, promises to deliver a new agreement to regulate the transfer of arms.[More...]

Iran to UN:

You are cordially invited to our country to watch the destruction of the Great Satan and Little Satan", Insha'Allah.

Love you long time

Signed the Mad Mullahs.

Update: To make matters worse, if possible, the UN & the Obama administration are targeting our 2nd Amendment rights under the guise of a proposed global "Small Arms Treaty"[h/t J]

Iran to Obama: We love you long time!

Iran to Eric Holder: We love you long time!

Iran to George Soros: We love you long time!

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