Obama's "Sharia Czar" Mohamed Magid Gives Award To Jew Hater Dawud Walid

Via Patrick Poole

Mohamed Magid is the Obama administration’s go-to guy for Muslim outreach and advise on international affairs and counterterrorism. He is a regular visitor to the White House (even when the administration wants to conceal it), attends important administration speeches on the US Middle East policy at the State Department, he counsels the Department of Justice to criminalize defamation of Islam, he entertains the deputy national security adviser at his DC-area mosque, and he serves on the Department of Homeland Security’s Countering Violent Extremism Working Group. He also advises the FBI and many other federal agencies.

He has also been profiled by Time Magazine and the Huffington Post has even dubbed him “America’s Imam“. His ubiquitous presence across the Obama administration undoubtedly makes him the most influential and sought after Muslim authority in the country.

Imam Magid also serves as the president of the Islamic Society of North America (ISNA). In that capacity last weekend he presided over ISNA’s “ Diversity Forum” held in Dearborn (where Muslim residents were recently video recorded stoning Christian protestors).

One of the speakers at the ISNA Diversity Forum was CAIR-Michigan executive director Dawud Walid. Imam Magid even gave a “diversity award” to Walid, as seen in the photo below:

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Hmmm, remember ISNA was conducting classes at Ft. Hood on Islam to troops about to deploy to Afghanistan?

ISNA are unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation terror trial. They were established here in 1980 by American members of the Muslim Brotherhood. I could go on and on.

Read the rest of the article above and remember, nothing to see here, move along..

Video: Dearborn Police Stand Idly by While Muslim Mob Attacks Christian Preachers

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