Kenya: Arrested Iranian Agents 30-Bomb Plot

They planned on using one hell of a lot of BOOM, 15 kilos of RDX worth.

They scoped out multiple targets:

The pair made notes during drive-by surveillance in the Kenyan capital but did not take photographs for fear of raising suspicions, police said[...]

Ahmad Abolfathi Mohammad and Sayed Mansour Mousavi were arrested after Kenyan police linked them to a package containing explosives delivered to a warehouse near Mombasa, Kenya's main coast city.

The pair planned to detonate up to 30 bombs targeting British, US, Israeli and Saudi Arabian interests, including tourist facilities and commercial and government buildings, investigators believe.[...]

"They were driving around Nairobi, they went past the British High Commission, they went past the [Nairobi Hebrew Congregation] synagogue in town, they went to the Israeli embassy. It is very clear that they were casing these places, that they were up to no good. From what we saw, their intention was clear to plan and execute terrorism attacks."

In other Iranian terror news, this one a bit closer to home, there are Iranian Missile Sites in Venezuela.

Comforting, no?

iran_private port_chavez.jpg
Image credit: el Nuevo Herald

Iran has it's own "private" port in Venezuela

Posted by: Stable Hand at 04:46 PM


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