Egyptian Copts Declare Creation of Christian Brotherhood

To counter influence of the Muslim Brotherhood

Good on them

A group of Coptic activists in Egypt announced the establishment of the Christian Brotherhood to counter the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood, Al-Arabiya news reported.[...]

The new group, Fahmi pointed out, is not meant to compete with Muslims but with the rise of political Islam.

“Muslims are something and Islamists are something else and it is not true that we wanted to a Copt to take part in presidential elections,” he said.

“With Mohammed Mursi’s victory, we felt that Egypt is about to turn into a religious state so we decided to create the group as a means of peaceful resistance against Islamist powers,” said Amir Ayad who was quoted by an Egyptian daily.

BTW, Juan Cole thinks Morsi, is just like Thomas Jefferson:
Mohamed Morsi: [in the 1920’s, the Egyptians] said: “The constitution is our Koran.”

They wanted to show that the constitution is a great thing. But Imam [Hassan] Al-Banna, Allah’s mercy upon him, said to them: “No, the Koran is our constitution.”

The Koran was and will continue to be our constitution.

The Koran will continue to be our constitution.

Mohamed Morsi: The Koran is our constitution.

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Yeah, Morsi is just like Jefferson, sure.

Juan Cole is a striking example of Islams' Useful Idiots.

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