Murdock: Scientology 'Creepy' And 'Evil'

That may be true. I don't particularly care for Scientology. But there's something very hypocritical - maybe even itself evil - about calling the cult creepy for allegedly spying on the estranged spouse of a member, when the same criticism about Islam over "honor killings" is deemed racist and Islamophobic.


Can you imagine if any public figure called Islam "creepy" and "evil" after an estranged wife from a prominent Western Muslim was brutally murdered for speaking out against the ideology? Can you imagine the hypocritical outrage if an Islamic apostate publicly announced she was leaving her Muslim husband because she feared he was involving their daughter too much in the religion?

Minimally, he, or she, would be called a racist, an islamophobe, a bigot.

Oh wait, it's already happening.

Brace yourself for the same condemnation of those mocking Mormonism or calling Scientology a cult. Just don't hold your breath.

UPDATE by Rusty: If any of our German speaking visitors would like to read the latest poker news then click here.

Posted by: DMartyr at 12:20 PM


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