Combat Journalists and Live Tweeting Taliban Attack On Spozhmai Hotel: The Interview

I read Laura Walker's prior post, which she mentions, and was going to do a post on it until I noticed she did her 'part 2'. I also was watching the combat journalists Tweets, in real time, during the Taliban's attack on the Spozhmai Hotel. Needless to say I felt, and feared, for them.

You may want to read her prior post first, though, to get the back story on these interviews. Plus, she also has screencaps of the Tweets.


In my previous post I told you about the Taliban’s attack on the Spozhmai Hotel, and how the phenomenon of live tweeting a terror attack was so startling, that the combat journalists became part of the story.

Anyone who was paying attention on Twitter had a harrowing sense of what it was like to be there – and what it is like to be a combat journalist arriving on scene without weapons or any plan other than to make sure the world knows what is really happening.

Two of the combat journalists who were on the scene and live tweeting the hotel siege while under heavy fire happen to be good friends of mine, and both have been featured in the news this past week for this event.

I thought I would share a little bit about what it is they do with SOFREP readers, and they’ve graciously agreed. For personal security reasons, we chose to redact some answers. Hope you’ll understand, neither of these gentlemen are beloved by terrorists.

Meet Mustafa Kazemi and AMukhtar.

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Awesome interview, be sure and read it all

BTW, The Jawa Report bloggers must be doing something wrong. Navy SEAL Brandon Webb who is Editor in Chief of SOFREP has had two recent death threats, on the same day, and in Arabic even!

Not fair!

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