The Nominees for the 20 Sexiest Conservative Men in the New Media...


The ladies have spoken so let the ego stroking begin!

Here are all of the nominees for the 20 Sexiest Conservative Men in New Media. A special thanks to all of you wonderful women and a “few good men” who can handle the truth and sent in nominations. To be fair, a few of the nominees may have had to be removed because they did not qualify as “new media” as per the judges requests. Hopefully you will find new people you didn’t know about before aside from the obvious gratuitous reasons.

This is in no certain order. Not even alphabetical. (Sorry, and yes I’m that lazy.)

For the record, comments are my own. The judges already have their lists and will not be persuaded by this patriotic American version of Bridget Jones “wanton sex goddess who’s not afraid of the wobbly bits.” (And special shout out to Twitter’s @somethingabtjen who submitted so many great nominees!)

The following guys fight their arses off for our Freedom! And THAT’S just sexy in my book. Congratulations one and all!

On with the objectifying![Keep reading to see nominees]

Yumm, this one looks so good with mud on him, just sayin.

So, what are you waiting for ladies (and the curious guys), check'em out

h/t Mean Kitteh

Dang, messed up my title. Sorry bout that.

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