Romney Obamacare Solution: Replace Obama
UPDATE: Romney Full Response Video

This isn't rocket science. It's really that simple. Mitt Romney:

if we want to get rid of Obamacare, we're going to have to replace President Obama....

You can choose whether you want to have a larger and larger government, more and more intrusive in your life, separating you and your doctor, whether you're comfortable with more deficits, higher debt that we will pass onto the coming generations. [Or] whether you're willing to have the government put in place a plan that potentially causes you to lose the insurance that you like or whether instead you want to return to a time when the American people will have their own choice in health care, where consumers will be able to make share choices as to what kind of health insurance they want.

UPDATE: Here's Romney's full response.

Thanks to Erika Johnson.

UPDATE: And what will Mitt do day one in office? Day one, job one: repeal Obamacare.

Posted by: Rusty at 11:35 AM


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