In Defense of the NYPD's Monitoring of Terrorist Sympathizers

A good article over at HS Today in defense of the NYPD:

Members of New York's congressional delegation recently lashed out at the New York Police Department (NYPD) for the policing methods it has established to prevent terrorist attacks. The criticism follows the disclosures about the department's investigations of a Muslim students group. While much has been done to evoke the spectre of “profiling” by the NYPD, little attention has been given to why the department did what it did.

The New York police department has the solemn responsibility for safeguarding a community that has been targeted at least as often as any other in the United States – reportedly, it has thwarted at least 14 attacks since 9/11.

In pursuing investigations, commonalities among plots provide essential clues as to where future plots might be brewing. A pair of sister organizations that stand out are, Revolution Muslim, and the Islamic Thinkers Society.

If you're interested in homegrown terrorism, then you'll probably want to read the rest. Our buddy Younes Abdullah Muhammad gets a mention.

Posted by: Rusty at 09:42 PM


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