Few Thousand Macedonian Misunderstanders of Islam Protest Arrests in Murder of Five Christians

Kill the Cross Worshipers!

Back in March, PI reported about the numerous outbreaks of violence between the Muslim-Albanian minority and the non-Muslim-Slavic majority in Macedonia. Currently, the situation appears to be heightening once again after a series of murders of Christians. As Austrian news magazine “Unzensuriert” (“Uncensored”) reports, in the Macedonian capital city of Skopje, slogans like “Allahu akbar,” “Death to Christians,” and “Jihad” were shouted by several thousand Moslems in a demonstration parade after the traditional Friday prayers. The special thing about this is: Skopje is the home of the German “exemplary” imam Bajrambejamin Idriz. His father has preached lifelong as an imam at the Jaja Pascha mosque from which the current aggressive demonstrations start.


Even though the evidence for the offenses by three arrested Moslems is “earth moving” according to the Macedonian interior ministry, masses of Moslems demonstrated against the arrest of their fellow believers.

Of course infidels are like cattle under Islam. Under some interpretations Muslims can butcher any Kuffar any time they see fit, just like they were an animal. So long as that animal is not property of another Muslim. Then the Muslim would have to compensate the owner. So what is the crime here?

See how wonderful Sharia is? I mean wonderful for the Muslims. For the Christians and other non-Muslims its not so hot. So who are the misundertanders of Islam, the Macedonian authorities or the thousands of Muslims protesting the arrest of these murderers?

Hat Tip: 1389.

Posted by: Howie at 02:43 PM


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