Nigeria: Abducted German Engineer Killed by AQIM in Failed Rescue Attempt (Updated)

Details of the rescue attempt are still sketchy, Edgar Fritz Raupach was abducted in January by al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghrab aka AQIM (kidnapping is their modis operandi). Last month, these terrorists released this video showing Mr Raupach pleading for his life:

Via BBC.

A German engineer abducted in January by gunmen in northern Nigeria has been killed during a failed rescue bid, security sources say.

Edgar Fritz Raupach was seized in the city of Kano.

In March, a British and an Italian hostage were also killed during a similar attempt to free them by British and Nigerian forces.

The latest developments came as the authorities said an Italian engineer had been kidnapped western Nigeria.

Our thoughts and prayers are with his family at this time.

May these terrorists be sploded, soon

Video: Save My Life: Message From Edgar Fritz Raupach Prisoner Of Al-Qaeda

Update: According to this it wasn't a rescue attempt, the bast**ds stabbed him to death thinking it was a rescue attempt:

KANO, Nigeria (AP) Kidnappers stabbed a captive German engineer to death Thursday as soldiers unaware of the hostage's presence raided a home in northern Nigeria, officials said, five months after his abduction by proclaimed al-Qaida-linked terrorists.

The killing of Edgar Fritz Raupach came as authorities acknowledged the kidnapping of an Italian working for a construction company, part of an increasing number of abductions targeting expatriates working in Nigeria's north and central regions.

Soldiers launched a raid Thursday morning in Kano, the northern city where gunmen abducted Raupach on Jan. 26 following a major terrorist attack there that killed at least 185 people. The mission targeted a home that soldiers suspected held "an ongoing meeting of senior commanders of the terrorist element," military spokesman Lt. Iweah Ikedichi said in a statement.

Like I said, bast**ds.

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