Omar Hammami Interview Houston We Have a Problem

Christof Putzel was able to speak with Abu Mansuur al-Amriiki this past weekend. Christof sent files to Omar that contained questions Omar sent back recorded answers to those questions.

In the interview Omar defends al-Shabaab's Taliban like brutality against the Somalis calling Sharia swift and merciful.

I've placed an embed of the video below the fold. The interview is audio only, there are no images with which to verify Omar's location.

The interview ends with African Union Troops approaching and Omar's final message to Christof was typically American. "Houston, we Have a problem." (See video below at around 7:20.) He says he has three wives and five children in Somalia and he hopes that if he is killed his father can find them and bring them to America to care for them.

Ironic that in the end he is hunted by those he purports to fight for and asking his family and America to pass along his last words and to care for his family. That says a lot about al-Shabaab, no?

I hope that for his mother and father's sake he is not killed but captured by the African union troops. But Omar seems determined to go out in a last futile gesture of stupidity. Dying for Allah is one thing, but dying for al-Shabaab murders wrapped in a false cloak of Islamic piety is another.

Posted by: Howie at 07:59 AM


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