Dailymotion, France's Leading Video-Sharing Website A Jihadi Video Repository

No reason, just this image makes me laugh cuz they're dead..especially Sammy

I know we have covered this before but MEMRI has an excellent report and must read regarding some of who's who of online jihads and their nice, comfortable home at Dailymotion. Even after France's recent crackdown on "incitement" such as these jihadis create, they live on at Dailymotion.

This is just a snippet of the article, so be sure and read it all:

Jihadi Forum Members Explain Dailymotion's Advantages

In a thread on the Shumoukh Al-Islam jihadi forum on methods of uploading to video-sharing websites, "Abu Qudama Al-Muhajir" set out the advantages offered by Dailymotion: "For your information, my brothers, the Dailymotion website is excellent, as it accepts videos in most formats, including rmvb, and it accepts any amount of time. I uploaded the film la tukalif ila nafsak[5] in its entirety, without dividing it up [into segments]. One of [Dailymotion's] advantages is that it is less oppressive than YouTube, as the latter has declared war on anything that has to do with jihad by erasing its files. It also provides the option to withdraw [files] from other websites, such as Hotfile, 2shared, Filefactory, Sendspace, Megaupload, Mediafire and 4shared."[6]

A Shumoukh member going by the handle "zarqawi1" noted to fellow member "Ma'askar Khalden," who had created a YouTube archive of videos of Al-Qaeda commander Ayman Al-Zawahiri: "Don't forget to create a channel with the same videos on Dailymotion, since YouTube will eliminate your channel after several days[well not quite, but we try...ed], and all your hard work will be gone. So create a channel on Dailymotion and you will be pleased."[7][...]

Dailymotion is among the most prominent of these websites; videos produced by the media companies of Al-Qaeda and its affiliates inciting violent jihad and depicting violence are uploaded to the website on a daily basis[..]

Bringing Jihadi Propaganda to French Speakers .....

Pretty much sucks like Google's YouTube. As noted in the article, Dailymotion has removed some videos but like rats, they keep breeding.

So check the article out and the "references" at the end. Interesting links, I might add.

Daily Motion Smackdown!

A friend once pointed out to me, "We breed resistant pests." Flag terrorist off Jihadtube and he pops up somewhere else where its bit harder to get him. This also tells you something about his dedication.

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