CEO of Melaleuca, Frank VanderSloot, Says He Lost Hundreds of Customers After...
Obama Campaign Publicly Targets Him For Donating To Romney Super PAC…

Image credit: Melaleuca

Weekly Standard via ZIP:

Last month, Mr VanderSloot was awarded Idaho Hometown Hero Medal

[S]ponsored by the National Ethic Coalition of Organizations, the Ellis Island Medal of Honor award is presented each May to “remarkable Americans who exemplify outstanding qualities in both their personal and professional lives, while continuing to preserve the richness of their particular heritage.”[...]

[I]n 2011, two brothers from Pakistan who immigrated to the United States—with little money, but with big dreams—became the first Idahoans to receive the prestigious honor. Wanting to pass on the tradition of recognizing those who give of themselves in service to others, Naeem and Fahim Rahim created the Idaho Hometown Hero Medal to honor deserving individuals, those whom Fahim calls, “Idaho’s finest.”

Obama, who's the bully?

UPDATE: These Obamabot assmaggots are even targeting his kids:

h/t Jim Hoft

UPDATE II: Hmm, I wonder if this was started by PDF of complaint from lawyers of Metaleuca to Pride depot

Jody May Chang now blogs at It's full of stories about Romney and VanderSloot.

Ah: Vandersloot is Romney's "sugar daddy": "Just in case you missed it, those reporters Rich is talking about (yours truly included meaning May-Chang) are featured in Glenn Greenwald’s Feb.17 piece"[read it all]

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