New Obama Ad Touts Chicago Jesus Saving America From The Tea Party…

The implication is obvious: We, the viewers, are supposed to believe that these Tea Partiers were rooting against America, while President Obama was trying to save the nation.
I stole my headline from ZIP, read it all..

Tea Party reference at 1:00. I would imagine there is a lot more "untruths" in it:

Video h/t link: The Weekly Standard

UPDATE: Captain Harlock was on to something with the "Forward slogan"

Let's see... Forward is Barack Obama's rallying cry this year. Forward is "Kadima" in Hebrew. The Kadima Party in Israel sucks and led Israel toward disaster. Therefore, Obama sucks and leads America Forward toward disaster. Great logic, I know, but it is still accurate.
Obama campaign slogan "Forward" apparently was taken from MSNBC. Hold your nose, this is a Huffpo link

UPDATE: Dear Comrades: New Obama slogan, Forward, has long ties to Marxism, socialism

Posted by: Stable Hand at 11:15 AM


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