AQIM Set to Claim Victory in Prisoner Swap for Prisoner Who Was Already Set to be Released

A prominent jihadi on twitter claims that a woman convicted in Germnany of helping the al Qaeda linked Islamic Jihad Union is being released. German news sources confirm the report.

Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM) had demanded the release of Filiz Gelowicz, who goes by the jihadi name Umm Sayfullah al-Ansari , in exchange for the release of hostage Edgar Fritz Raupach. This is from the message released from AQIM:

We demand that you release the sister ‘Umm Sayf Allah Al-Ansariya’ from prison and compensate her financially for the damages she faced due to your injustices, and award her the freedom whether to stay [in Germany] or receive political asylum in a country that protects her rights and dignity. And in exchange for that we will release your citizen.
Umm Sayfullah was part of the Saurland Group which planned to blow up US bases in Germany. Her husband had gone to Pakisstan to receive terror training from the IJU.

AQIM only made those demands last month. But the deal is she was set to be freed on parole this month anyway.

In other words, they demanded the release of a prisoner who was already set to be released.

For once, it looks like this "prisoner swap" might actually work out to our advantage.

Thanks to Aaron Zelin for clarifying that for me.

Posted by: Rusty at 02:31 PM


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