Canada: Dear Mayor of Fredericton, New Brunswick & Vagrant Web (Bumped-Update)

The owner of Vagrant Web has replied to my post. I want to thank Carter McLaughlin for looking into this and clearing this up. Our finest and bravest certainly will thank him:

I was made aware of your blog post and the reason behind that post by tweets to my personal Twitter account, @carter_vagrant. I did not notice and did reply to any tweets to the @vagrantweb account because of the reasons I will mention below.

I previously developed and released a social media sharing plugin for the Joomla CMS called "VagrantWeb Social Buttons". This plugin was a simple content sharing plugin released on the Joomla Extensions Directory. As part of the settings, you could enter your own Twitter account to be tagged, much like Sharethis plugins add the "via @sharethis" tag to the tweet. The default setting on the plugin was set to "via @vagrantweb".

Regrettably, this plugin appears to be used by nefarious and hateful organizations on their websites, as by design.. the plugin was available to anyone and everyone. I of course, do not condone, and in fact, condemn the use of this plugin by any hateful, illegal group.

It's highly regrettable that my companies name has been attached in any way to content being shared on Twitter that is of this horrible nature.

This plugin was deleted by myself from the Joomla Extensions Directory and is not supported in any way.

Please share this with your blog followers.

In peace,

Carter McLaughlin
Owner, Vagrant Web

I would also like to thank @Flippintheray for directing my tweets, and link to my post, to @carter_vagran.

Now, if Twitter would only do the right thing by suspending all of the Taliban twitter accounts THEN we wouldn't be having this problem to begin with..

I know...

************Begin original post

Taliban spokesperson, Tariq Ghazniwal ( @ghazniwaltariq), proudly uses a Canadian web hosting company, Vagrant ( @vagrantweb) to spread the Taliban's propaganda on twitter.

It's bad enough he (and others) is even tweeting on twitter let alone using the above web host's via @ in his tweets:


My tweets to the company have resulted in zero, zilch reply so I went the round of the Mayor of Fredericton, NB ( @bardwoodside), where the web host office resides. Zero, zilch, nada except for a PM thanking me for following him.

That's like not giving a d*mn about Canadian/American soldiers killed or injured by the Taliban.

The finest and bravest in the Canadian/American military deserve better than this. The Mayor, web host AND Twitter need to get their heads out of you know where...


Posted by: Stable Hand at 06:18 PM


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