#OccupyAlbany: Occupiers Meet With An All-Star Cast Of Domestic Terrorists

Ayers and Dohrn claimed they were against the Vietnam War. But no “anti-war” literature was found in their Weather Underground bomb factory. It was all (above)-read the complete report on meeting here...ed) communist propaganda, in addition to the bomb-making equipment.

#Occupy, we've been waiting for you for long time, Love The Weather Underground[Breitbart]

A recent meeting titled The Weather Underground Meets Occupy Wall Street, held in a small city in upstate New York, was billed as a mundane book event to celebrate U.S. “political prisoner” David Gilbert's new memoir, Love and Struggle.

But, as revealed in a newly released video, the forum featured characters that were anything but mundane--the list reading like a veritable who’s-who of former Weather Underground activists. These were not simply low-level members but some of the more notorious radicals in the movement--men and women with ties to the infamous Bill Ayers, individuals with ties to bombing schemes on military servicemen, and convicted cop-killers

The video features only the introductory 16-minute segment and not the entire length of the Underground/Occupy meeting. Regardless, it remains quite revealing. One of the hosts of the event, Naomi Jaffe, praises Kathy Boudin, a close Ayers associate who was involved in a bomb plot gone wrong[More...]

As DMartyr always notes:


Obama supports these protesters.

Pelosi blesses them.

@AlecBaldwin thinks its "good".

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