YouTube User AmirKhattaBooo: Dead Mujahideen Bodies Don't Decay

By posting this video this user wants to rope in dumb mujahid wannabes to splode themselves in the course of killing innocent people:

Mujahideen 'Martyrs' Smelling & Looking Beautiful, their bodies don't decay [Miracle from Allah]

How do I know this? He/she/it has a video that contains scenes from De Palma’s fictional anti-Iraq War movie Redacted. I pointed this out to he/she/it, it replied:

It happens all the time in Iraaq(scenes in the dark where women is held by US pig are defenitly true), Palestine Afghanistan, Chechen, and other muslim nations. Women are being harassed and raped. The american soldiers are raised up by alcohol, drugs and prostitution , they don't have any moral or humanity in them. They act like wild beasts. No wonder why Muslim people come to the west to carry out attacks. Check one video i uploaded about a iraqi women who got raped 17 times a day by US beasts.

Confirmed: German Jihadi Motivated by "Redacted" Movie Clip on YouTube Being Passed Around by Islamists as "Documentary" Evidence of US War Crimes

Posted by: Stable Hand at 02:12 PM


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