Supreme Court Scolds Obama For Warning

The Justices remind King Obama that that "unelected group of people" is an equal branch of our government. Guess Harvard Law School didn't teach him about that.

But then again, they shouldn't have to - it should have been covered in basic high school civics. (Do they still teach civics in high school, or has it been replaced with "Diversity training" and "Multiculturalism" classes?)


Anyway, Andrea Ryan at Gateway Pundit says it best:

The three branches of government are co-equal to prevent this sort of tyrannical behavior. But, Obama thinks hes the only branch of government and the other two just interfere. Maybe next hell threaten to add six more Justices to the Supreme Court, like Roosevelt did 75 years ago.

I'm certain Obama and his cronies will find a way to circumvent any Supreme Court ruling against this health care abomination. It's not like the rule of law or the Constitution actually matters to this Administration...

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:09 AM


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