Confirmed: French Mass Murderer Tied to Belgian Extremists, YouTube, & Google (UPDATED)

A banner promoting Cenored31's book

You guys remember Censored31? He's the Belgian al Qaeda supporter who used to troll the comments section. I goof on him from time to time. He's part of a network of extremists centered in Belgium, but which is also active in France and the Netherlands.

It's a small, small world:

A family with jihadist connections

Merah's path to radicalism remains murky but appears to have been influenced by family connections. His mother is married to Sabri Essid, a member of a Toulouse network that tried to recruit fighters to join al Qaeda in Iraq. Essid was convicted in a French court in 2009 after being detained in Syria in 2006 where he was running an al Qaeda safe house.

According to French security officials, Merah tried to visit his stepfather in prison in 2008 and sent him money.

His brother Abdelkader was also suspected of involvement in the same network but not charged. He has now been charged with complicity in the recent spate of murders.

A senior Belgian counterterrorism official has told CNN that Abdelkader Merah first came to their notice during a joint investigation in 2008 with French police into a Brussels, Belgium-based jihadist recruitment network. The network was sending Belgian and French militants to Cairo en route to join militants in Iraq -- and may also have connected Europeans to jihadist groups in the Afghanistan-Pakistan border region

So, Merah was on everyone's radar, yet no one did a thing about him? That's nice. Makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside.

Not so incidentally, even though the leadership of Shariah4Belgium is sitting in jail their website continues to operate. Notice their avatar in the upper left hand corner of their webpage. That's al Qaeda's flag.


And just in case al Qaeda's flag being part of the banner representing the group was too subtle, they have this message from Osama bin Laden in their link banner rotation.


Didn't Mohammad Merah say he was motivated to kill little Jewish kids as revenge for what was happening in Palestine? It's almost as if he got that idea from somewhere.....

And our old friend Censored31? He wrote a book on how awesome al Qaeda is.

Here is their YouTube channel. Check out the videos. You'll notice that the number one visual motif common to them is .... the black flag of al Qaeda.

Howie complained about them to YouTube. The response he got was that Google's employees over at YouTube couldn't find anything in the videos that violated their TOS.

They openly fly the flag of al Qaeda, and Google thinks it's fine. I wonder how they'll feel when one of the victim's families sues them for wrongful death?

UPDATE: SH and I posted about the same time, so I just combined the meat of her post with this one. So, consider this a joint post between Rusty and SH.


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