Roseanne Barr: I Hate Vigilantism So Let's Get Zimmerman!

...or something like that.

She's against vigilantism, but she posted George Zimmerman's parents' address on twitter. Maybe she wants a beer summit. After second thoughts (and more than a few criticisms), Roseanne deleted the re-tweet.

She then threatened to post it again and go to Zimmerman's parents' house herself if authorities didn't act:


I wouldn't be scared of Roseanne. I'd say, "Bring it, bi@tch!" Unless she threatened to sing when she got there. In that case, I'd turn myself in.

In other news, Spike Lee did the right thing. He apologized to the elderly couple whose lives he disrupted when he mistakenly re-tweeted their address as Zimmerman's. He even settled out of court with the family.

Posted by: DMartyr at 10:20 PM


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