Tranny Cowboy Defends Trayvon Martin for Some Reason

I was watching TV this morning when I saw this tranny cowboy talking about about the Trayvon Martin case for some reason. And I told myself, "It's good to see that The Village People are making a comeback. I always wondered what they'd look like in their golden years. And also in drag."


But seriously, WTF? This person is really in Congress? You're not putting me on??? You're sure she's not some character from a movie where Tyler Perry plays all the parts????

I haven't really commented on this case because, to be honest, I'm not convinced Martin's supporters don't kind of have a point here.

But when you get people like Rep. Frederica Jackson -- wearing some kind of weird pink cowboy outfit -- sitting next to Rep. Corrinne Brown's gigantic wig, and you're most articulate spokesperson is Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee ...... um, you might want to reevaluate your PR strategy.

People like me would be a lot more sympathetic if the self appointed spokespeople for this cause weren't these clowns. Or at least, it would be easier for us to show our sympathy if we weren't so distracted by their idiotic outfits ... which are only half as idiotic as some of their statements.

Posted by: Rusty at 03:58 PM


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